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学术报告:Division Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers with a Binary Diffusion Layer

2017-11-02        撰稿人: 张英杰

时间:2017113日(本周五) 下午14:00~16:00



内容提要:This report focus on an accurate security evaluation methodology for block ciphers with a binary diffusion layers against division cryptanalysis. In this security evaluation methodology, We illustrate the division property by the independence of variables, and exploit a one-to-one mapping between division trails and invertible sub-matrices. We give a new way to model the propagation of division property of linear diffusion layers by the smallest amount of inequalities which are generated from linear combinations of row vectors of the diffusion matrix. The solutions of these inequalities are exactly the division trails of linear transformation. Hence the description is compact and optimal. In addition, this report will introduce some useful applications of this methodology.

报告人简介:张文英,山东师范大学信息科学与工程学院教授,博士生导师。2004年博士毕业于解放军信息工程大学,20042006年在软件所做博士后,201610月至201710月在KULeuven 做高级访问学者。主要研究兴趣为密码函数的构造和分组密码,Hash函数的分析。2015 获山东青年科技奖。


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